Umbrella Dental Partners has unique offerings


A partnership is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.


There is a clinical side of dentistry and there is a business side of dentistry. By partnering with us you leverage our business side of dentistry to provide the best patient care.


The act of moving forward towards a goal.


We understand it is more than just a practice. It is the scaffold for the rest of your life. It is a legacy that you have built over the years. We want to help you progress to the next phase of your career.


A technology that supports running a business.


We have tens of years of experience building platforms for fortune 100 companies. We now have our own.

Our Journey

From graduating school to associateship we wanted to prove and transition ourselves from a clinical mindset to a clinical and business mindset with our first practice acquisition in Highwood, IL in 2014. Since then we have gotten better at finding practices that have served the community and are ready to take the next step. Our philosophy has been to serve the community by streamlining operations, introducing technology and increasing customer service. The rest is history….

Our Timeline

Our Team

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News & Updates

Partnership Updates


Selling your practice

It is not just a dental practice you have built over the last tens of years; it is your legacy. You have been thinking about passing the baton over but…

Finding Fulfillment and how our services can help

Being a dentist is without a doubt fulfilling and after everything you did to get to this point, that’s a great thing! It takes a unique sort of passion and…

Business side of dentistry

In most service industries there are two aspects of running a business. One, Industry expertise; In the medical field it is the license providers such as MD, NP and particularly…

Technology in dentistry

Let's Talk TOYS!  If you had all the big bucks to spend, what would you buy?  Would you buy to make your life easier?  Would you buy to generate more…

Mentorship for an associate

It's cap and gown season again! - Which means an abundance of brand new impressionable dental professionals - some that have tried their hand at the practice life and others…

Checklist for the selling doctor

You have vetted many buyers that have expressed interest in buying your practice, have had many discussions and rounds of due diligence, you not only looked at the $ amount…

Progression Updates

Platform Updates


Inv management and supply ordering

After payroll, dental supplies are the next most expensive item in your financial statement. A typical supply ordering process looks something like your assistant walking up to you before you…

HR and compliance features

When you have one or multiple locations with different office hours and staff with various responsibilities running these locations, managing everyone's schedules becomes overwhelming. You most likely also have full…

Accounts payable

You as a business owner work with professional services firms such as accountants, lawyers and others. These firms typically send an invoice and once your office receives the invoice, you…