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It’s cap and gown season again! –

Which means an abundance of brand new impressionable dental professionals – some that have tried their hand at the practice life and others that are so fresh out of school that the smell of the dental clinic floor still follows them!

When it comes to enabling the development of a new dental professional, mentorship is key. Access to a quality mentor in dentistry is a commodity in the field. Where do you begin? As in where do you find a mentor and How do you become a good mentor? Here is what we at Umbrella Dental Partners feel is the key to mentorship that leads to success on both sides.


Let’s face it – speed is an issue for most newer dentists. So give ample time and an attainable goal that your mentee can reach in producing quality work all while being sure to cut time. 

Prepare in advance that your new associate has never had to work on a clock. Discuss what the comfort levels are and set a goal to reduce those times in a month and then in six months. 


Maintaining the office culture is critical to the success of any new team member into a dental practice. A new associate is no different. The associate should be held to the same standard as any team member. After all, they are representatives of the brand. Mentor your associate to understand that the support team is there to not only serve the practice but to serve them as well. 


Obviously having alike clinical mindset is essential to the practice, but having common interests of cultivating some common ground is important to a lasting relationship. A mentee that is connected to her mentor is likely to share the same sentiment for the practice and patients. Here are a few examples

– Take a CE course together

– Get together socially 

– Get your associate involved in material decisions

– Take part in a community event


Having an associate can be great for business and practice. Make sure your associate understands your why behind business and clinical philosophy using constructive methods. A conversation, an example, a week of shadowing are all good ways to get your mentee to get you and what you stand for.


Let’s be honest – if you are mentoring a new graduate, you may pick up a nugget or two from their knowledge. In school they probably have access to some technology that you have not had the ability to look into yet. Perhaps there is a product out there that would make a procedure smoother or decrease chair time. Whatever it is, a safe space to share ideas and swap dental recipes is a great way to keep your associate proud and peaked!

Mentoring an associate can be rewarding on many fronts. You are taking part in the growth of a dental professional! It’s a practice builder and could mean a great boost in revenue for your practice.

If you are a solo dentist 

regardless of experience – and are looking for a place to call home, find a mentor with Umbrella Dental Partners!