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Being a dentist is without a doubt fulfilling and after everything you did to get to this point, that’s a great thing! It takes a unique sort of passion and dedication to become a great dentist. It takes even more passion and dedication to become a successful dentist. After all, you deserve everything this career has to offer.

 To become a fulfilled dentist you must find fulfillment personally. This task is easier said than done as a practicing dentist. While work is at the center of life, life has to be about more than just work! Find a balance – offload, unload, and delegate!

 Set some personal goals and milestones for yourself. This could be something as simple as finally getting around to take a long overdue fishing trip or something as challenging as completing a marathon. These personal goals and accomplishments should be sustainable and measurable with a deadline.  

 Now you might be thinking, this goal is probably going to cause me undue stress! FALSE! In fact, maintaining outside interests is a key marker for work-life balance and career fulfillment.

 Don’t Just Schedule Your Personal Days, Take Them! Your job requires that you are extremely focused throughout the day. To remain a fulfilled dentist, scheduling personal days at regular intervals are a must! Remember to unplug and go off the grid and truly unwind! With the right support team, you have earned this!

 Ask Us for Help. To keep your job as a dentist fulfilling, you need a support system. Offload the tasks that are mundane and regular and have nothing to do with your craft. Surround yourself with a supportive team – both clinical and administrative that make it their professional goal to support you, the dentist/business owner.

Here’s a list of tasks that you could unload


-HR tasks

-inventory tracking


An all-inclusive partner like Umbrella Dental Partners could be the right fit for you!

Remaining a fulfilled dentist is going to be impossible if you’re not in good mental and physical health. If there’s a key take away in this post, it’s this: You won’t be at your best for your patients in the long run if you don’t make your wellbeing as important as everyone else’s. Just like you advise your patients to take care of themselves, you need to take your own advice. None of this is likely to be new information for you, but here is your very official reminder to stay healthy. All too often, we encounter dentists that are finally ready to take a breather from their practice but find themselves in poor health and unable to enjoy their newfound freedom.

If you need help managing the stresses of running a dental practice, whether that’s accounting or billing, personnel management, marketing fulfillment, or more, let us know!