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Let’s Talk TOYS! 

If you had all the big bucks to spend, what would you buy? 

  1. Would you buy to make your life easier? 
  2. Would you buy to generate more revenue? 
  3. Would you buy to improve efficiency?

A great piece of technology in practice needs to answer all three of those questions with a YES. There is also one more question that is important. Does it make you a better diagnostician?

We have come a long way from dental amalgams, fixed partial dentures, complete dentures, and traditional orthodontics. All of these procedures are tried and tested in dentistry and still have a place but outlined below are the go to tech aids for the long haul in dentistry


One of the main benefits to patients is that technology helps us diagnose conditions with much greater accuracy. Digital x-rays allow us to get a clearer and more accurate view of your teeth and bones. That way, we can find out if there are things going on beyond the surface of your gums. Digital sensors and cone beam technology allow us clinicians to spot and treat disease in a much more accurate way.


Treatments for dental patients have been made much better with technology as well. When making impressions of your teeth, we now have the ability to utilize digital tools that help increase the effectiveness of your treatment plan. No more goop and less discomfort. Digital scans can also aid in treatment plan acceptance. It is hard to deny treatment when it is staring at you on a screen!


Advanced dental technology like lasers can help patients get more precise results when undergoing laser gum surgery or other procedures. Instead of traditional scalpels, your gums can be treated much more accurately with the top tools. Atraumatic performance is what the patient remembers. How many times have you heard a patient describe a perfect appointment, RARE! What you hear is that one off situation where a dentist was having a tough time with a procedure. Laser dentistry changes that.


Finally, our patients benefit by getting a more comfortable experience when we use some of our top technological tools in dental treatment. Some procedures allow patients to experience little discomfort when getting dental work done, and others give patients much less recovery time. These things are possible when using the latest dental technology tools. A same day crown is great as is a smile in a day!

If you are interested in finding out how advanced dental technology can be incorporated into your dental practice successfully with proper workflows and adequate billing and ROI, contact Umbrella Dental Partners today.