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There is a clinical side of dentistry and there is a business side of dentistry. By partnering with us you leverage our business side of dentistry to provide the best patient care. To find out more look at the video below and see the details of the partnership offerings


Partnership offerings

Get to Know


There is a difference between Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial reporting with each being important in its own way. We offer a one time review of your existing books (Accounting) and prepare financial projections based on your future outlook (Financials) and maintain and close your books by 10th of every month (Bookkeeping). Get in touch with us to find out more.


Any business relies on a few core systems such as phones, internet and computers to name a few. We understand that this infrastructure works most of the time, but any downtime causes a significant impact to daily production. We do a one time check of your infrastructure, provide recommendations and maintain this infrastructure for you. To learn more click here and get in touch with us to find out more.


There are plenty of outsourced payroll providers that deduct the funds, pay your employees and file your taxes. But most clinicians & small business owners still run payroll manually ! On top of running a payroll there are legal issues such as categorizing employees as 1099 vs. employees that most clinicians don't think about. Click here to learn how we have handled this at Umbrella Dental Partners and get in touch with us to find out more.

All Inclusive

* Everything from Get to know


Most businesses today rely on a Customer Relationship Management, Agency Management System or other technology to run its day to day operations. But most of these platforms are built for a specific task. We built our platform in order to help run a private practice keeping the business owner in mind. Below are a few features we currently offer and a ton of features that we will be rolling out in the near future.

Daily scheduler

When you have multiple locations with different office hours and staff with various responsibilities running these locations, managing everyone's schedules becomes overwhelming. To add to this you have no insight and control on when an hourly employee is clocking in and out. We built our daily scheduler feature where each and every employee's schedule can be set for the whole month or an entire year. This along with our time clock module puts checks and balances in place to run a practice smoothly. Click here to learn more about our daily scheduler and get in touch with us to get a demo of our platform.


Businesses often have full time employees who are paid hourly. Tracking their time and making sure they are taking breaks is not only necessary but also required by law. On top of having a clear report of hours at the time of payroll, but also making it easier for your employees to clock in and out and take breaks is made feasible with our portal. Click here to learn more about the need for a robust time tracking tool and get in touch with us for a demo of this feature and many more our platform has to offer.

Vacation module

An employee in passing tells you that he/she wants to take a few days off and you say yes or send an email. As a business owner you are constantly putting out fire and the email gets lost in the shuffle. One Monday morning the employee does not show up and it is nobody's fault, but your day is disrupted. We have been there many times and to address this we built a vacation module where all vacation requests are streamlined and notifications built so your day goes on smoothly. Click here to learn more and get in touch with us for a demo of our platform.

Inv management

After payroll, dental supplies are the next most expensive item in your income statement. A tightly managed supply ordering process with the help of our platform not only keeps the office running smoothly but also avoids the last minute run to Walgreens to pick up gloves and paying 5x more than needed. Click here to learn more about how our supply ordering module in our platform works and get in touch for a demo of our platform.

Accounts payable

When an invoice is sent it typically gets added to a file that is called 'Pay Later'. Issue with that is you cannot compare which invoices must be paid now vs pay in 60 days. On top of that there is no line of sight of your entire AP (cash that will come out of our business in the future) so you can plan accordingly. Our Accounts Payable module allows you to create to be paid invoices as they come in, shows history of all paid invoices and method of payment used and all pending invoices that are yet to be paid. Click here to learn more about our Accounts Payable feature and get in touch for a demo of our platform.


As Peter Drucker said If you can't measure you can't improve. We strive for measuring every single detail across the business through various reports across all modules we currently offer. If there is a view or a report that you want but we currently do not offer, talk to us and we will build one for you, at no cost to you. Click here to learn more about our robust reporting functionality and get in touch for a demo of our platform.

Which service is right for you?

It depends on who you relate to most

Meet Mark

Mark has come across and/or heard about Umbrella Dental Partners offerings and has a decent understanding of the offerings. Mark knows that by partnering with Umbrella Dental Partners he can spend more time on the clinical side of this business but he has had bad experiences in the past or is not there yet. Get to Know service offering is a perfect fit for Mark where Mark can try out the partnership for a short duration before deciding. If you are like Mark, our Get to Know package is a perfect fit for you.

Meet Susan

Susan was referred to Umbrella Dental Partners by one of her close professional networks with a strong recommendation. Susan has been thinking about offloading the business side of practice management so she can fully concentrate on the clinical side and the service offered by Umbrella Dental Partners is a perfect fit for her. If you are like Susan and want us to manage your entire business side of practice management, All Inclusive package is the right fit for you.

Meet Jay

Jay is a great clinician with a high business acumen. Jay has grown his startup practice to a highly successful one. Jay has put in place great processes that work very well for him and he has no intention of disrupting them. Jay just needs additional technology support and help so he can scale his business. If you are like Jay, our platform package (typically called Software As A Service) is a great fit for you.


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