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When you have one or multiple locations with different office hours and staff with various responsibilities running these locations, managing everyone’s schedules becomes overwhelming. You most likely also have full time employees who are paid hourly. Tracking their time and making sure they are taking breaks is not only necessary but also required by law. You probably also had a situation where an employee in passing tells you that he/she wants to take a few days off and you say yes or ask them to send an email. As a business owner you are constantly putting out fire and the email gets lost in the shuffle. One Monday morning the employee does not show up and it is nobody’s fault, but your day is disrupted. We at Umbrella Dental Partners have been in all and many more situations such as these and to address this we built our own Scheduler, Timeclock and Vacation modules

Our daily scheduler feature allows each and every employee’s schedule to be set for the whole month or an entire year with an option to change on the day off. You can set what days of the week and times of the day an employee is supposed to work, what days is your office closed and many other features. 

Our time clock module allows an employee to clock in and out and take breaks throughout the day either using their cellphone or on a desktop without having to log into your scheduling software. Our time clock and our scheduler module works in tandem to puts checks and balances in place to run a practice smoothly.

Our vacation module was built to streamline all vacation requests across all your staff are coordinated with a complete notification system built in both for you and your staff on whether a vacation request has been accepted or rejected. 

Not only do these features work together seamlessly but provide you with a complete set of reports that you can rely on to run a payroll, manage employee time off benefits, have a tighter control of your practice but also allows you to save the biggest asset a private practice owner needs – Time. In order to get a demo of these features and / or get to know more about how to sign up, please get in touch with us.