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After payroll, dental supplies are the next most expensive item in your financial statement.

A typical supply ordering process looks something like your assistant walking up to you before you start the day saying you are out of gloves. Either you or your office manager runs to a Walgreens next door and pays 5 times more for a box of gloves just to last through the day. You then place an order with your favorite supply company before the end of day, most likely paying a rush fee to get the gloves delivered to last you for a few weeks. Next day you could be out of mouth wash and the cycle repeats. 

The above events are probably a little extreme than what happens in most practices but is not too far from reality. You could have a good process in place of managing your supply inventory but there is a need for a technical solution or a tool that can help you streamline, measure and most importantly save time for you. 

We at Umbrella Dental Partners built an Inventory management feature on our platform that keeps track of supplies that were ordered, maintains your inventory levels as each item (SKU) is being used by your staff and alerts you when a certain item reaches a threshold (set by you) with a reminder to order before you completely run out. Not only you will get robust reports on how your supplies are being used but also be able to compare price fluctuations of a certain product over time and be able to make smart real time decisions. Please get in touch with us to learn more and to get a demo on our inventory management feature and various others on our platform.