Your career, we take it forward

We understand it is more than just a practice. It is the scaffold for the rest of your life. It is a legacy that you have built over the years. We want to help you progress to the next phase of your career. To know more about how we have helped many dentist owners take the next step see our journey thus far.

Our Journey

From graduating school to associateship we wanted to prove and transition ourselves from a clinical mindset to a clinical and business mindset with our first practice acquisition in Highwood, IL in 2014. Since then we have gotten better at finding practices that have served the community and are ready to take the next step. Our philosophy has been to serve the community by streamlining operations, introducing technology and increasing customer service. The rest is history….

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A few services we offer and technology we use

Laser Dentistry

No shot, No pain, No stress, No strain. People can be easily put off by large anesthetic needles and the noise of the drill during their dental treatments, but now, new laser technology allows for anesthetic-free fillings.

Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligners are an effective alternative to traditional braces, because they use a system of clear, removable trays used to straighten teeth.

Implant Services

A dental implant is a surgically applied component that is placed in the bone. It serves to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, or denture. These dental prosthesis replace missing teeth.

Periodontal Services

We offer a wide range of surgical and non surgical periodontal procedures to enhance our patients overall dental health and enhance their smiles. We use the latest technology in all tissue lasers to recontour gummy smiles and lengthen crowns for the best restorative outcome

Full Mouth Reconstruction

As the name implies, full mouth reconstruction refers to rebuilding and/or replacing all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. Full mouth reconstructions combine esthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth.

Smile In A Day Therapy

Smile in a day (sometimes referred to as teeth in a day or all-on-4) replaces teeth (or dentures) with a fully fixed in bridge secured by a minimum of four dental implants. It is the closest you can get to a full set of natural teeth and has a wide range of benefits for our patients.

News & Updates

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